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Originally Posted by jmc247 View Post
The X-Men are supposed to represent mutant interests and are supposed to be fighting for mutant interests, they aren't supposed to be a superhero team like the Avengers fighting for the interests of everyone.

Think of them as the NAACP. While yes they have sheltered and helped non mutants in the past as I am sure the NAACP has helped whites in the past. Their goal remains the protection and betterment of the mutant race.
yeah but what you posted amounted to the X-men spefically discriminating others solely for the fact that they werent like them. Cyclops didnt turn on Xavier bc he wasnt a mutant. He had issues with him that go far deeper than that as seen in Deadly Genesis. Emma, well she's biyatch. She did kicked Moonstar out as well but it was later implied that she did what she did to the depowered mutants for their own protection, not bc she had no use for them

Originally Posted by jmc247 View Post
Mutants are supposed to be a different race with their X-gene seperating them from humans. Lorna is no longer a member of the mutant race.

Mutants are supposed to be a minority group trying to coexist with humans. Being a mutant has actually been more important to Lorna then the average X-Man since day one, because of her central role inbetween Magneto and Xavier's philosophies about mutant rights. Hell, her big appearence in Uncanny X-Men 50 was titled The Queen of Mutants.
BUt this implies that Lorna has or will turn her back bc she is not a mutant. That is not the case. Lorna has not changed. She is still the same person with the same ideals. There has been zero evidence that she no longer identifies with mutants. Why would she? Its just a gene that she no longer has. From the average person that looks at her on the street, she is a mutant with her green hair, flight and magnetic powers. The discrimination will still be there and she will still feel the effects of being the minority. No one will look at her and go, oh she doesnt have that X gene anymore, so she's one of us

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