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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by SUPARNOVAX View Post
The Jbrown mask is good for most of the cosplayers. Acrylic paint and brush on everything. I wish I had some air brush tools for the vest.

I applaud Ryan for his dedication to the hobby.

Here's my attempt from the New York Comic Con. I basically ended up looking like a thicker Rdmaul in the older set of gear.

I think it turned out okay on weathering but ultimately I will just redo the vest weathering after I wash it out and get an air brush tank. Bluray for The Dark Knight Rises comes out this December supposedly. I got lazy on the boots but I'll slowly just refix it up with a better set of cheap packer boots and head in for PAX East.
DUDE sikk paint job man..

How exactly did u do it? if u dont mind me asking

PS do you know her?
or is she like a random cosplayer
She is so preeettteeey hash awkward if u know her but she is no lie.

SOO MUCH DRAMAMAMAMA ITS JUST a mask (ganged, its the pretties mask out there as of now) everyone is entitled to their own opinion. so what if he (TRain or watevs his nombre is) wants to sell it. He did pay 2gs for it i think its safe to say that he owns it now. and hey, i comletely understand that one may feel ripped off if he bought one from you and sold it for trippl or waters. I completely get it. I also get that the original artist feels being cheated of their work. Ive dealt with that too- on a much smaller scale though- a much smaller scale. Hey its just life. ***** happens. keep calm and bane on (I should trademark that term)
anyways those are my 2 cents

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