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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 9

Originally Posted by zenith16 View Post
wow I was thing about him alot of late seeing thereisn't a real super counter part and Don't see hyperion or sentry as that since they so corrutped andthis one stayed normal . though I was hoping for his son or something one that's around dare devil's age zone.

any wah I'm gald to see him and while some what glad that MMA is doingtheir own thing event wise at times, like her other marvel games like marvel furture fight, marvel heroes and champion's.

I kinda agree I'd have like to see Sharon carter with civil coming out in the SO. she's in the other games. but I think future fight is the only game that has her playable at all. while marvel heroes she's more of character you help out on a mission. so you fight side by side with her in that one.
Sharon is in Future Fight and is coming AAII, which was the excuse they have about her when asked. They said Sharon was needed elsewhere and there are no plans to include her in AA at this time. Which in turn has caused a panic that if a character is in AAII they'll not be allowed in AA now.

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