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Default Re: Episode 3.23 "Battles Lost and Won" - SEASON FINALE (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by shabadoo25 View Post
Regarding Mon-El, did he ever display any other powers other than super strength? We never saw him use heat vision, freeze breath, etc.
According to comic book mythology, any being from a red star world gains powers on Earth that are identical to Superman’s. Now initially, Kara was (clearly) Mon-El’s physical superior. Okay… perhaps it takes some time to “charge up.” But later (after his adventures in the 31st century - not to mention the thousands of years in hypersleep), you’d figure Mon-El would now have his full suite of powers. Yet as far as I can recall, this was never established definitively; and Kara always seemed more powerful. Of course, maybe Supergirl just made up its own mythology in terms of differences between Kryptonians and Daxamites.

Anyhoo… my original point was this: Given how capriciously defined superpowers are on the show, Sam losing hers in the season finale isn’t such a big deal.

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