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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

I loved G1 as a child, and still do. The storyline was well-crafted and a lot more than the "kiddy show made for selling toys" that some clods have come to call it. The second wave never really hit it off for me, and I resented how they resorted to using Prime again after his great death in the film just to avoid putting effort into Rodimus. Overall, my fondest memories are in the series' first half. The Cybertronians seemed more like futuristic colonists rather than random tin thrown together spouting the usual emotionless robotic gibberish in the sci-fi realm, and the Autobot/ Decepticon factions worked well in showing the universal natures of human concepts like "good" and "evil". For me, the film was the swansong. I'm also a huge fan of Beast Wars- just thought I'd mention that, considering the current spat over it. I liked how it respected the concepts of humanity and escapism that G1 offered. The last season was weak, but at one point in my fandom I did indeed feel that G1 and Beast Wars were equal in quality. 'Transmutate' sealed the deal for me.

And that's me. I guess I'm what you call a 'purist' in that I enjoyed the G1 line a lot more than the continuations and, dare I say, bastardizations (Beast Machines, Armada and that film they're calling Transformers). But I've waited before and can wait again for a rebirth...'til all are one, I suppose.

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