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Default Re: For Those Who Hated Raimi Thread!

Originally Posted by TheSlag View Post
Let's see.. this means to me:

No more GweMJ character.

A true Gwen Stacy and a true MJ character.

Aunt May NOT being the number one fan of Spider-Man.

A chance to redeem the Power Ranger Goblin.

A chance to redeem the sympathetic Love-Ridden (The Tentacles made me do it Doc Ock).

A chance to really develop the Connors Clan in prep for a truely dark Lizard story.

A chance at a truely rich supporting cast that has always been Spider-Man's in the comics.

A chance to do justice to the symbiote storyline, Black Spider-Man, Venom.

A chance to introduce Capt Stacy correctly.

A chance at storylines that do NOT cater to the kid friendly market.

A chance to COMPLETELY FORGET the stupid Sandman killed Uncle Ben.

A chance to have a truely dark Goblin Legacy, in the tradition of Joker in TDK.

A chance to tell Spider-Man's greatest arc.. Death of Gwen Stacy.

Eh.. What's NOT to like about that?
I rather not copy TDK... it will just be copying TDK...
and YES to Death of Gwen!

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