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Default Re: Herc cameo?

Yay - a reply (!) Thanks Corp. I thought this thread was going to die a death - maybe it's perhaps not the most visited of places given that we've still a year till the 1st movie comes out. Ah well, at least it'll be easy for you to moderate.

Anyways, I imagine Herc up there on the big screen with a flagon of ale in hand, laughing his ass off merilly as he slaps Thor on the back. They either have an arm wrestle or a [friendly] fight as a condition of Herc giving up the info that Thor requires.

I do wonder how they'd approach his look, given that Thor wears now armor. A half nekkid Herc next to him may look a tad strange. Do they give Herc a measure of armor also, possibly using a similar design aesthetic that the makers of Clash of the Titans employed or what? I know this is Apollo in the pic and all but one can imagine something like this standing next to Hemsworths armored-up Thor - only make it a bit less shiny, scrap the cloack and add some signature Herc costuming details as well as giving the guy a beard and we're golden:-

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