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Default Re: Assassin´s Creed III - Part 2

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Didnt they have both versions running at E3 with the PS3 looking better than the Wii U? But i mean yea id agree if the Wii U is gonna be 1080 that should be your go to, until next fall when MS and Sony drop their machine leaving the Wii far behind...again.

Damn i hate waiting for UPS! I want my game nowz!!!! For those that have it, is it as glorious as everyone else is saying?
We'll have to wait and see.. I won't be getting ANY Sony console from here on in and I highly doubt the graphics of either the next 360 or PS4 will blow 1080p out of the water. Next gen won't be about graphics... I don't believe so anyway.

And... From everything I've read/seen...the WiiU version looks better, if only slightly. Ubisoft is a pretty big Nintendo supporter..they won't give the system a subpar port. Don't be a Nintendo Hater.

Edit: Wow...IGN "only" gave it an 8.5? I expect the internet to explode, lol.

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