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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
that is what I'm thinking too, or Thor kills him.

Up to you, but I'm not. There have been too many posers out there already. I trust and put the most merit in what I read or hear the actors say, and Feige, and those people directly involved. I have some reservations about the Stunt man and his information but having listened to the interview will be giving him the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Other than that, I proceed with caution.
I don't know. Kurse will probably be tyhe one to kill malekith, after that, I sort of feel like I may not even want to see him die lol.

And yes, as Sam said, I am not FULLY on board with it, grain of salt, but there are reasons to believe him, I am not saying he's 100% telling the truth, but I have plenty of reasons to give him the benefit of the doubt.
there have been too many posters trolling us. But here is the thing with this guy, this isn't his first rumor, he's come out and said multiple things, and h is rumors that he stated ALL turned out to be true,

the shield TV series
falcon and widow being in cap 2
Crossbones to be in cap 2 (it may have been the same guy who said the actor as well)
and Manderin being the villain for ironman 3 before marvel announced it

yeah, he had the big thing of predictions a week or so ago, and sure, anyone could have gathered that conclusion, but right now, those are logical rumors, and he has a good record with these previous ones ^^

I'm open minded, and because of his prior rumors, I am more than willing to give him then benefit of the doubt.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Welllllll, okaaaaay. I suppoooose. Lol.

Thor killing him would be movie-cliche, albeit satisfying.

I tend to weight by preponderance of evidence or what makes sense in terms of the bigger picture, especially in terms of logistics. But it's also fun to wonder what it would mean if rumor-of-the-week turns out to be true.

I'm sure if I were to bother to dig, I could come up with some rumor or another that turned out not to be true. So I am loathe to speak in absolute terms.
idk. I feel like IF Kurse dies, it may be sad. Kurse may be the villain we sympathize for, cause he is manipulated by Malekith

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