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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

its clear that DOFP boxoffice will determinate the future of the franchise.

If it makes a huge impact, we can be sure that they will exploit this universe more than ever.

with X-Force being the first new spin-off.

Im sure with a really great cast and badass/cool script, the movie will do fine. And with a decent budget (around The Wolverine budget), it will get its money back. So a sequel would come some years later.

So that to me its pretty awesome, since it would mean X-Force, another main series sequel, and X-Force sequel, so that are three more movies for x-men fans in the next years, so we would have a pretty big universe right there.

Cant wait to see X-Force already and those new characters bringing fresh blood and new stories to the franchise. It will be pretty fun!

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