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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

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4. Are we supposed to believe that in a Gotham city virtually devoid of any police, with at least Blackgate prison being freed immediately, that no other prisons were freed during those months? I mean did they just let them all starve in their cells? Because if not, there's the elephant in the room of the fact that Joker didn't die in TDK and he likely would have been in the middle of all of that anarchy while Bruce was stuck in the pit.
It was just assumed that all the other prisons were also freed. As far as the joker either he was taken to a prison outside of Gotham or Nolan didn't want to mention the joker or try to replace him for the film. I suspect that the joker was part of his plan for the third film, but with Heath's death it changed the plan. It would have been nice for Nolan to explain why the joker would not have been available since he wasn't going to use him in it.

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5. As soon as Talia knew Bruce was back in Gotham... why the hell not tell Bane, #1, and then why the hell not go ahead and push the detonator before he has a chance to **** up their plan at the last minute?
At the time they were just arrogant to believe Bruce would defeat bane or be able to find the 'bomb' and block its signal. I still need to go back see how they explain how the detonator would impact the generator, whose physical condition was deteriorating, towards an explosion. It may have just sped up the explosion to a point were 'nuclear-like' explosion would occur no matter what. After all they only had minutes to prevent its meltdown and to be reversed. Besides, Bruce had no idea that Miranda was talia and was behind the whole. They had an ace up their sleeves that they thought would not affect their plans.

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6. When the police rush Bane's mercenaries in the streets, why the hell didn't the automatic weapons the mercs had kill at least 4 times as many as the 'whopping' handful of cops that dropped dead? That made no sense.
Automatic weapons are very unreliable at killing just one person who is moving, but an army. Not everyone there were mercs but prisoners too. Can't guarantee that the bullets would stay on course to hit the target. Not like one can with a single fire shot.

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