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Default Re: Your Top 20 Quotes from the X-Men Movies

This thread needs to be updated with quotes from The Wolverine!

Viper: His flesh is weak now! I did that!

Yukio: I saw you die
Wolverine: When? Now?

Wolverine: You brought me here to say goodbye, sayonara

Shingen: What kind of monster are you?
Wolverine: The Wolverine

Yukio: It's an honor to meet the Wolverine

Shingen: You?
Viper: Me
Shingen: What are you?
Viper: A chemist, a nihilist, a capitalist, a mutation, a viper

Wolverine: What do you want?
Magneto: There are dark forces, Wolverine. Human forces building weapon that could bring the end of our time. I want your help.
Wolverine: Why would I trust you?
Magneto: You wouldn't.

Professor X: Hello Logan.
Wolverine: How is this possible?
Professor X: As I told you a long time ago, you're not the only one with gifts

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