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Default Re: Disappointing Black Bolt

Originally Posted by ludovica View Post
Not exactly an answers to your questions:
I’m Deaf and I support the use of an invented sign language in ‘Inhumans’

"In the show, the use of what I am calling Tilanese Sign Language (or TSL; Tilan being the language of Attilan) works for various reasons. Mount already remarked that ASL does not exist on the moon and Black Bolt has never lived on Earth so there would be no way for him to learn it. Makes perfect sense.

From an ASL linguistic perspective, it also makes sense. For DHH people who grow up in isolation and do not learn a formal sign language, they invent what the Deaf community calls “home signs.” These are signs the person uses with family and friends that only exist in their bubble and that outsiders would not understand. As a character, Black Bolt lived in complete isolation for 19 years, from infancy to adulthood. He is the only person in Attilan who ‘signs’ and is what the Deaf community would consider linguistically isolated: apart from gestures that are universally understood such as shrugging or nodding, only Black Bolt and his family know what his TSL signs mean."

I do not know how Karnak wouldn't have learned it too in all those years.
I was on board with the idea of an invented sign language but it's actually stupid when you realize that they are already speaking english. There's no indication that they are speaking a different language on Attilan, so why not use actual sign language for fans who understand it to translate? It's not like most people would notice. If the audience buys that they know english why would buy that? My guess is, it's an excuse not to hire a professional sign language consultant.

Anyway Black Bolt is one of the best parts of the series, Anson does a great job because a role like that is easy to underact or over act with and I think he nailed it. And I have no problem with them ditching some of his side abilities.

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