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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Bruce Wayne of the comics will always and forever be haunted by the murder of his parents. In many ways he still uses their loss as his primary motivation to fight crime.

Chris Nolan's Bruce Wayne started out like that as well...only to realize that he must look beyond his own pain and use the example they left behind to inspire good.

That's why we never once got a scene of Bruce visiting his parents graves in the Nolan trilogy. In this universe, being Batman is more than about, to quote the Joker in Batman Beyond: ROTJ, "A little boy in a play suit, crying for mommy and daddy."

I'm not knocking either interpretation. The tormented Dark Knight is what made him so appealing to me as a child to begin with.

They're both very different. Yet handled very well...

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