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Default Re: Spider_Man versus Batman... who wins?

Pfft. No contest kids. The adolescent sidekick-level punk with puberty issues against the greatest detective in the world?

Nope, the only thing I'll give ol' Webhead is an under-dog potential. And Batman's already got him beat there with not having any powers :yawn:

Jokes aside, film-verse Bats pretty much talks against the kind of personal-vendetta driven crusade that Pete's on, he's up there changing the course of the city with the mayors, commissioners, and D.A.s and fighting terrorists and dictators. Spidey's a teenager with a lot of power that often overwhelms him, his heart for being responsible is noble, yes, but he's still inexperienced next to Batman, especially at this game of urban superheroing.Plus, Batman's gadgets out-moneys Spidey's any day. Even on a physical contest, Batman would out-think the kid and put him down for the count. It isn't because "Batman always wins" -- he's taken down superpowered villains a lot, and if you include Killer Croc, movie-Bats has that cred as well. Bat-sonar can go toe-to-toe with Spidey-sense for awareness, but Bats would avoid a direct contest of agility or strength, and if it's mechanical web-shooters he'd either tally the fight long enough for spidey to run out or dismantle the gadget by getting close. With webbing gone, he'd force Spidey to an open area (where the agility becomes moot) gas him with a pellet when he's close. He's the Batman. He thinks before he thumps.


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