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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion

I mean, I would have preferred a true sequel to Man Of Steel building off of that perfect final scene and introducing Brainiac and Lex Luthor.


This COULD work. Organically, they could introduce Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor into the story as the two men who will financially rebuild Gotham. Of course, Bruce is there with ulterior motives. Wayne is there to investigate this Superman and get a closer look at him. I want this version of Bruce to be cold and paranoid (we got SOME of that at at the end of the Nolan trilogy "one man's tool is another man's weapon). But I want like "Brother Eye-Batman."

While investigating Supes, Bruce finds out he's Clark Kent. I don't think a love triangle with Bruce, Clark and Lois is necessary.

The hard thing is to come up with a worthy villain that will force Batman and Superman to put whatever differences they have aside. Lex Luthor is NOT that villain. And I don't want Brainiac wasted in a film that has so many other elements. Maybe Metallo?

The interesting thing is who is a good Gotham villain to pair up with Luthor. And I don't want to see another Joker or Two-face... yet. Let this new Batman and franchise establish itself. I understand that those characters need to be done again at some point -- and they will be. But honestly, no Batman villains can challenge Supes. In a film-verse, especially one that just displayed the power that this Superman has -- it will be a tough go to put Batman and his rogues on equal footing.

One thing is for sure though, for it to work, we're going to get the Batman from the comics who is the most dangerous human in the world. That's pretty cool.


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