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Default Re: First look at TF2!

Oh yea I read it christmas weekend at borders bookstore it tells all action and superhero, fantasy, everything ur gonna wonna see until 2010. It was so many I can only name a few it took up 6 pages to read about all the future films. The top of my list i remember is the avengers, Punisher: warzone,Thor, Antman,JLA, Green Lantern, Titans(based off Teen Titians), Avatar(directed by M. Knight Shamaliyian based on the Nickelodeon cartoon), Monkey King( Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan finally),DragonBall Z(cant believe it but its to late like 4 years to late),Mummy 3, Wonder Woman,The Hobbit(pending legal agreement),Halo,Wanted,IronMan, Transformers 2,Voltron,Speed Racer(kid movie saw trailer very dissappointing),Xmen Origins:Magneto,Xmen Origins: Wolfverine,Heman and the masters of the universe, AstroBoy, it was a lot more I jus cant remember them all,oh yea and a possible spiderman 4 pending tobey's return,and Man of Steel(superman)

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