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Default Re: why does Frank Miller hate Superman?

Why does Frank Miller hate Superman? Personally, I like Batman better, but I don't feel the need to belittle Supes to make Batman seem cooler! They are each coolin their own ways. I would have to say that Bats is actually the more intellegent of the two, but lets face it, he can't do a lot of the things Supes can do. If only for his amazing power, Supes is a leader. People naturally follow him and listen to him because he is Superman! Batman certainly has leadership skills, but he likes to keep to himself. Sure, he has his extended family of sidekicks, but they all had to go through a lot to earn his trust and he still keeps them all out of the loop on many things. Miller plays favorites like no one's business! And with every character he takes on, he gives them that same Miller twist! Sure, any time a new writer takes on a character that already exists, they're gonna give them thier own twist, but Miller takes it to an extreme. Superman, The Man of Steel, is always made to look like some loser boyscout who is all brawn and no brains, and that is not Superman at all. I think that Superman and Batman would each understand and respect each other, despite how different they are. Miller pretty much feels like he can do whatever he wants and he gets away with it because he's Frank Miller. I HATE The Dark Knight Strikes again because not only does he belittle Superman, he does the same thing to Dick Grayson! My opinion is that Miller should just stick to doing his own original stuff and stop ruining everything that is good about the classics!

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