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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
But Kelly is right, he lied. Everyone's taxes went up. He didn't say he would keep your pay the same. He said your taxes wouldn't go up....they did.
When Obama gave the payroll tax cut, he specifically said he was doing it for a couple years as a stimulus procedure(at least that was the assumption i was under). The payroll tax cut and Bush tax cut though are 2 different temporary tax cuts.

It should be pointed out I personally found the payroll tax cuts very irresponsible since those payroll taxes fund social security

All that being said I think one problem many may see is they expected the temporary Bush tax cuts to become permanent(I am guessing that was the original intention when first created but they couldn't get them pass if they were permanent) while I don't think anybody expected the payroll tax cut to stick beyond the period it was created for. All that being said I do think expecting something that is temporary will be permanent is wrong which is the assumption Republicans are making when they say we already increased taxes

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