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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Are you serious that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on those making $400,000 doesn't count?
The Bush tax cuts were temporary tax cuts, by definition temporary means they aren't permanent so when they expired it's not like the government increased taxes, it was a case the temporary tax cuts expired.

Now maybe the Republican felt entitled to having those temporary tax cuts be permanent but fact is they never were so when they expired then parts were renewed, those renewed parts are a tax cut by definition. By acting like they are entitled to tax cuts that in my opinion should never have happened in the first place shows me the Republicans have no clue what the word temporary means

I personally look at both the Bush Tax Cuts and Payroll tax cuts int he same way basically. Both were always temporary cuts that when expired we either had a choice to let them expire or renew them. By letting them expire though isn't a tax increase(or at least a bill that would increase taxes) it's just letting them expire. Simple fact is after the Bush Tax Cut mess of the past 10+ years we are still left with a lower tax rate then before the temporary tax cuts were put in effect and isn't that to the Republicans advantage(of coarse they want more and it's not enough for them)?

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