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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Marx View Post
I have zero respect for John Boehner. The sooner he and Mitch McConnell leave DC, the better. (It'll never happen unless they retire though given how heavily, heavily, heavily republican their home districts are.)
I think that if the Democrats nominate someone that is not Ashley Judd, they'd have a good chance at getting rid of McConnell. With the momentum that Judd has right now, it really looks like the Democrats have the exact same problem as the Republicans where the loud vocal minority primary voters are pushing away the moderate majority.

Originally Posted by SV Fan View Post
I actually feel sorry for Boehner, he is basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. Trying to organize the Republican house is sort of like hearding cats. I personally don't blame him for all the issues
I don't feel sorry for Boehner at all. The man needs to get a better hold on his caucus. He doesn't need to rule the GOP with an iron fist the way Pelosi rules the Democrats, but actually getting some control over these clowns is necessary. The Republicans need a leader to shut up people like Alan West and Michelle Bachmann when they say something idiotic, they need a leader who has the balls to stand up against Rush Limbaugh when he says something disgusting, and they need a leader who is capable of working with the President. We also need a President who can work with the GOP, but works both ways, the Republicans need a guy who can work the guy in charge and Boehner just isn't that man.

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