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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I think Banner/Hulk is better served in the type of role he has in The Avengers.

Listen guys, I'm sorry but they did two Hulk solo movies and they didn't work very well. I'm not saying it can't work better but I think this is a much better niche for the Hulk/Banner in the movies at this point.
I understand where all the doubt comes from with the posters on this board, but the problem I have with that line of reasoning is that though some "Hulk fans" like the first Lee Hulk film, and more the second Letterier TIH film, I have yet to find one hardcore "Hulk" fan be completely satisfied with the Hulk's or Banner for that matter's portrayal. Which IMO, is the reason the movies did not perform as well as the others. From the little I've read, it seems both Hulk and Banner's personalities are what makes them more thrilling this time around...and it has do with them being involved with and part of a team.

I see Thor fans, IM fans and CA fans ecstatic with their favorites characterizations and portrayals in solo movies, but little to no Hulk fans as happy by comparison.

Marvel just missed the mark with the first two films is all. They should have given us a Hulk closer to one of the personalities of the comic book versions and a Banner as complex as the Bixby Banner, who kept us interested in him and not just the Hulk.

"Well, one thing I’ve been saying is that on the TV show they should make the Hulk a bit more intelligent." Stan Lee 1978 Interview

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