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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread

Sentinel Prime, Autobot Leader

My name is Sentinel Prime and in my chest is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, a repository of all knowledge of all Primes- the designation given to the leader of each generation of Autobots. As such, I am a Prime descended from Alpha Trion, and original Primus himself.

Primus- the first living robot, born of the Cube, an ancient artificat that breathes life into all things and is a source of energy that is without limit. It was the source of life on Cybertron, our homeworld.

History does not record how the cube was dislodged from Cybertron. Only that it was and that it now sails amongst the stars, its location--unknown. And so we have been forced to survive on remnants of the cube called energon.

For eons we lived in peace until one autobot, a young startup named Megatron attempted to accumulate more energon for himself than he needed in an attempt to overthrow the pervious Prime. His villiany and quest for power brought other autobot's to his side. Celebrating their betrayal, they have taken the name Decepticons.

Their supply of energon nearly exhausted, both Autobot and Decepticon alike have taken to search for energon on other worlds which have been left by the cube as breadcrumbs--clues to its unknown location.

As Prime, I have commisioned the secret construction of an Ark, a ship which will carry our greatest warriors to find energon and bring it back in the hopes of saving Cybertron. Megatron, hungry for power also searches for energon.

Should he accumulate too much energon he will become nigh unstoppable and I fear all will be lost. Not just for Cybertron, but for the universe itself.

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