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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread

I never wanted to be a soldier.

I was created to be a scientist, a healer, an Autobot that would work to better all of Cybertron, and I embraced that title with open arms. I never wanted to fight, because I felt I would never need to. Intellect and reason is true power, much more powerful than a fist.

But this damn is tearing Cybertron apart. What was once a powerful bastion for Truth and Justice is now turned into anarchy by the traitor Megatron, who's disrupted this planet only for simple greed, him and his decietful Decepticons.

But I would not fight. I am not a soldier--I am a scientist, a doctor, a pacifist, as a matter of fact. I would not betray what I was born to do by some simple thugs.

There were others who agreed with me. A team of scientists, like me, who worked together for a common goal--to find a way to create more Energon, so that perhaps the war would end.

When one of the Decepticons barged into our labatories and killed my fellow Cybertronians, I realized what folly that was.

They never saw it coming--the Decepticon ripped through my friends like tin foil. I was the only one who could grab an energy blaster and aim it at him. But he grabbed the barrel of the energy blaster and crushed it with one hand, the other lunging for my throat.

"Where is the Energon?!"

"There's none here," I gasp out through my tightened throat. "We never did--we were trying to create a form of artificial Energon, that could--"

"Where is it?!"

"I told you we don't have any! We haven't figured out how to make any compounds that work to properly fuel us."

"Then you are of no use--"

I shoot from my hand the scalpel I use in my experiments and slice at the wrist holding me. He pulls away and screams as I jump towards him and stab into his chest, just above the pubic plate, and sliced up, all the way to the collar plate--a clean, surgical slice I had only used on kadavers in medical acadamy. His machinery spills out of him as he collapses onto the floor, bleeding his oil away. I look at the body, stunned.

I have taken a life. I have betrayed everything I was ever taught, everything I believe. I look down to see the spilled oil of the Decepticon all over my arms and chest. The oil is all over my hands and I fear it will never come off.

But I had no choice. He was going to kill me. I had no choice.

Did I?

I push it aside. I realize what I have to do. I can no longer stay in the middle of this war. I shall have to choose a side.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out which side to choose.

I put the scalpel back into my form. I will probably need it. I step out of the labatory and out into the Cybertronian night.

I will go to the Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime, and offer my services. The Autobots are the only way to bring back the true way of Cybertron, and I will to my part to bring it back.

I just hope that when this war is finished, there will be a Cybertron left to heal...

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