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There is a price to war and this was it. We had to leave home, what little home there was left for those of us who had survived. I stare out of the ruined landscape of Cybertron and wonder what lies ahead for all of us. I am a soldier first and foremost. I am a tracker finding the enemy when they don't wish to be found. I am a tracker and going so far off the known trails I can't help but be scared as the lubricants run a little colder in my systems.

So far away from home this is our last chance to finally end this.

This is the grandest adventure of all and I will be one of the first to step on the new world. I don't want to leave I want to stay and continue fighting here but I'm needed.

I shake my head staring out over the decimation of what was once "my" home. Closing my optics as I subfile my brother away to get him off my main processors. I have to function with out doubt, there was nothing that could be done he is gone and soon I have to leave.

My head bowed in the last moments before I have to report to Ultra Magnus and Prime.

"Observe everything, remember even more."

I fold my arms over my chest and check the megacycle.

"I'll be late if I don't hurry, time to find the new path...........Hopefully we'll find the right one."

I roll my neck the servos whirring as my body follows suit. Servos spin and pistons glide into place. Pushing and pulling against each other. I rest there for a nanosecond before gliding off, skimming over the ground. Dark green with black rifling along the smooth curves and gracing the sharp angles of my form. Moving along at speed over the rubble of my home staying to the shadows until I can reach the Ark.

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