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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread

Optimus paced about one of the last remaining Autobot strongholds, lost in his own thoughts. Sentinel Prime had commissioned construction of a space vehicle to be launched into the heavens to search for a fresh supply of Energon and use as a platform to launch a new attack against the Decepticons. While Optimus hated the thought of abandoning his home and leaving it to the clutches of Megatron and the Decepticons, he knew there was no other way. With no Energon at all, not only would the Autobots lose this horrible war, but Cybertron itself would eventually die. He knew at that very moment, other Autobots were being brought together from all over the Cybertron to accompany Optimus on the Ark, as it had been christened.

Though Optimus had rarely had to use his assault and fighting skills in the past, he had kept himself in practice and disciplined, and was one of the premier combatants of the planet, along with, of course, Megatron. They had trained and served together, which was a key reason he was chosen to lead this operation. He knew Megatron, was familiar with his abilities. However, if the rumors of Megatron were true, if the leader of the Decepticons had performed new, experimental procedures on himself to upgrade his life force and armor, then Megatron could now be nigh invincible. He shuddered at the possibility. He would stop at nothing to stop Megatron…but what if nothing could stop the Decepticon leader?

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