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He was moving through the shadows that he was so accustomed to gliding silently just inches above the ground, he sometimes wished he was a larger skimmer craft but he knew then that he wouldn't be able to do as job as effectively as he could now.

As he moved though his body shifted and transformed back into it's normal bipedal mode dropping behind an old wall. Automatically my right hip raises and the armor of my thigh pushes away as i reach down for my weapon my hand caressing it as I pull it forth, it's been with me through so many battles never having left my side. Reflexes firing and neural nets flow as the launcher on my back moves into position just in case.

I turn my face to the explosion that ripped through the night sky. Judging distance. Accessing the maps in my memory banks. Internal sensors start to roll. Visual accuracy is limited from the debris, switching to infrared censors, blinded by the heat of the explosion. Ducking behind the wall completely as I switch to my secure transmitters.

"Ultra Magnus come in.......This is Hound en route to rendezvous coordinates.....reporting an explosion in Decepticon territory.......looks like the Cybertron far and to much disturbance to get a complete recon from this position and distance.........did we have a group in the area or would you care for me to investigate.........."

As I sit ready and calm this is more what I'm used to, now if only things wouldn't always get in the way of the primary mission. That would be a nice change of pace.

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