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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread


Soundwave stands outside a large Autobot outpost. He is crouched behind pieces of twisted steel up on the ridge just above the outpost. With him are his trusted and loyal companions Ravage and Ratbat. They look over the barrier and watch as the Autobots guard the exterior.

<“Soundwave, are we going to attack?”>

<“Not yet Ravage. We need a plan. There is no succesful stradegy for an assault with our current munitions matched to theirs."> Soundwave turns on his communicator, and talks into it. <"Frenzy, Laserbeak, Rumble, what is your current location?">

Soundwave silently waits as he listens to their answer. He stares at Ravage and Ratbat, and then responds.

<“Affirmative. Be sure to rendezvous with us in fourteen clicks. Soundwave out.">

Soundwave turns off his communicator, and turns to his comrades.

<“Ravage, Ratbat, you must to go inside and blackout their power. Shut down the security systems, everything. Once you succeed, notify me and I will meet you inside so we can win the base. The rest of our team should be here by then to aid our efforts. Now go, and do not fail. You know how Megatron excepts failure.">

Ravage and Ratbat nod, and take off down the hill toward the base. Soundwave looks over the ridge, and watches them as they enter the base. He crouches again, and leans with his back against the wall. He watches the Autobot jets fly over him, and sits calmly. He has no fear that he will fail. He will win. He never fails.

* Translated from Cybertronian Language

"Anything Worthwhile is Perishable."

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