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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread

“This was a bad idea, leader man,” screeched the other Transformer next to him. Its head ended in an odd peak, almost triangular. Like his, the other's feet pounded against the dead metal of Cybertron. “When Megatron finds out, he won't be happy... This Energon is his personal stock, you know.”
“Of course I know, Swoop. If that egotistical waste of circuits has an issue with it, he can find me himself,” barked the leader of the small group. “Same fer any of you. You're in with me all the way, or not at all.” They slowed down, stopping, sensors on full trying to detect any Decepticon patrols. Their own emblems were hazy, rubbed out, shwoing that this group no longer owed allegiance to Megatron, or to the Autobots. “It was boring, wasn't it? Guarding all the time, fighting the Autobots. They're too weak, remember? Not fighters, not any of them. They're all civbots, modified because of the war. Any of you really expect a good fight from them?” His blue visor took in the four other Transformers. Two of them were hauling a massive store of Energon cubes behind them. “Decepticons, that's the real fun. Army, gladiators, all of them. They'll come for us, and we'll fight like we haven't in a thousand years, not since we killed the last real military leader of the Autobots. This is what I, Grimlock, want more than anything else. Isn't that what you wanted, Swoop?” The other Transformer nodded. “Sludge?” A burly Transformer, larger around than most Transformers were tall, nodded, his red crystal eyes shining in the night light. “Snag and Snarl?” The last two members of his defectors nodded in unison.
“We wouldn't be here if we didn't think you'd give us the best fight on Cybertron... boss,” said Swoop. Grimlock inclined his head. “But we're not Decepticons any more, are we? Megatron will hunt us down once word reaches him. No way are we Autobots, Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime are too weak. So what bots are we?”
Grimlock laughed, his voalizer echoing against the metal walls. “We're whatever we want to be. For now, how about... Dynobots?”
The others nodded in assent. As they turned to leave, two Decepticon soldiers appeared in front of them. One took one look at the Energon, then at the other group of elite commandoes. He knew the reputation of Grimlock and his squad. They'd burned away the Autobots on the fire fields or Larnak V, destroyed a chunk of Vector Sigma on a daring raid into the Autobot headquarters, and their storied escape from the gladiator pits on the far world of the Cybetron system. He knew all this, and when he saw that they no longer wore the Decepticon insignia, he still brought up his laser cannon. Purple energy filled the hallway as the two Decepticons opened fire.
“Dynobots, attack!” roared Grimlock as he charged down the hallway. Alarm bells rung out and lasers spattered against Grimlock's armor, leaving tiny particles of vaporized steel. He slammed into one of the soldiers, tackling him to the ground and ripping off his arms. Grimlock grunted as he threw the appendages to the side. The Decepticon opened its mouth in terror a moment before Grimlock ripped it off. He stood and saw that the second Decepticon had likewise been torn apart by Swoop and Snarl. Grimlock beckoned them ahead, with Sludge and Snag dragging the hover-tray full of Energon with them, Swoop and Snarl guarding their rear. They made their way cautiously throught he Decepticon base, unaware that they were being watched.


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