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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread

Originally Posted by Venom160 View Post
Hot Rod

"Ha! Come on Blur you can do better than that! If you can't hit me how are you gonna hit any Decepticons?"

"Im just getting started!"

I laugh as I continue to dodge the low-level energy blasts.

"Just getting started?! We've been practicing for three mega cycles already. If your not warm up now your not gonna stand a chance against the Decepticons."

"And neither will you if you continue to joke around like this!"

I jerk my optics to the voice and see our combat instructer glaring at me.

"Im sorry Jetfire I...."

Blur, taking advantage of my distraction, fires another volley hitting me in the chest and sending me crashing to the floor.


I quickly shake off the sting of the blasts and glare at my friend.

"Oh thats how this is gonna be!"

I raise my arms and three small barrels emerge out of both wrists.

"Eat plasma!"

A sudden flash temperarily shuts down my optic circuits.


Once my optics boot up I see the barrel of my wrist blasters are completely melted. I look over and see Jetfire lowering his weapon.


"Aah come on! I just had these installed!"

"Well thats what you get for not cutting out the horseplay when Jetfire got here."

I look up and see Springer and Arcee standing behind Jetfire.

"Stick it in you tailpipe teacher's pet."

"You obnoxious little!"

"Silence both of you! I want no bickering at a time like this!"

"What do you mean sir? Are we finally going to get the chance to slag some Decepticons!"

"No I have been ordered by Sentinal Prime to bring you four to him immediately."

As one Blur, Arcee, and Springer turned and looked at me.

"Hey whatever this is I did'nt do it!"
Hot Rod

We all transformer into out respective modes and fall inline behind Jetfire as he leads us to Autobot HQ. I hear a soft click as my internal communication detects an incomming transmission.

<By Primus if you've done somthing to get us all in trouble Hot Rod you won't have to worry about the Decepticons cause I'll srap you myself!>

<Im telling you Springer I havent done anything! After the little incident on Beta Trion iv been stayin outta trouble!>

<Will you too knock it off!>

<You believe me don't Arcee?>

<I do, if you did do somthing Jetfire woulda been the one to chew us out. But Sentinal Prime called for us specifically.>

<Do you think this is somthin major?>

<I don't know, maybe?>

Not another word is transmitted as we enter the base to meet the leader of the Autobots.

RIP Robin Williams gone way too soon.

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