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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

What the hell are you talking about? I was talking about IM3. If we even get that. But you never know. I don't like repeating villains. Mandarin would only show up in one movie in my ideal IM trilogy. Since the third isn't guaranteed I don't want to risk saving Mandarin for the end. It depends on what they do in Avengers. If another armored villain shows up (a good idea IMO) then for IM3 I won't have to go back to that since that would be the third armored villain we'd have gotten at that point. If they use HYDRA in Avengers then AIM/MODOCK works well for IM3. I also like Nefaria and Madame Mosque as well... but one of those guys needs to bite the dust. Multiple villains is stupid. Anyhow we obviously have a ways to go before having to worry about this.

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