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Originally Posted by Lucien View Post
It's never even stated or shown him turning SSJ2 prior to his Majin possession, you have to read between the lines a lot. Goku estimates Dabura as being on par with Cell, and Vegeta is very confident that he could wipe the floor with him. Vegeta states himself though that even though he had trained as hard as he could, there was still a massive gap between himself and Goku which he realised when Goku turned SSJ2 against Yakkon. Goku had clearly maxed out, or was close to it, SSJ2 because he had achieved SSJ3, so Vegeta used Babidi to close that gap for him. So Vegeta must've been at the lower end of SSJ2 before becoming Majin.
I think he was at least equal to Kid Gohan, if not slightly stronger. This is based on his general confidence in facing Goku and Gohan in the Budokai.

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