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So, lately I've been thinking that I liked the more sci-fi elements to the DBZ, moreso than the mystical stuff. I've been wanting to write, a re-invisioned DBZ universe, where it's just with the sci-fi elements. Androids, aliens, advanced tech, etc. I haven't thought too much into what other things I'd keep or remove, like characters and such. But I did think about how I could fusion in the story. I came up with the idea that Goku and Vegeta could like...donate their blood and genes to Professfor Brief, Bulma's dad, and he could grow them a fused body, Gogetha, or Veggito. Then all they would need to do is plant their souls in the body to use it. Guess you can say it's like Avatar or something. Idk, it's mainly all just thinking to myself and whatnot. What do you think?

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