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Default Re: The film's continuity with the X-Men franchise

i think in the long run, this could work out for the best for Marvel... If X-Men and FF are in a shared universe, it will be easier to incorporate them into the MCU whether this will be from them acquiring the rights back or Fox and Marvel working together,it could be done.

So for example... Instead of rebooting everything, Marvel could just do HOUSE OF M storyline, and the reality that the X-Men, FF and MCU will be in would be one where mutants reigned supreme and everyone would effectively be in one Universe. At the end of the story, only a small population of Mutants survive and they reside in Utopia, therefore the solo films of FF and MCU wouldn't be disrupted and X-Men would effectively be rebooted in the MCU.

So i say do it... Maybe Fox could finally delve into the psychology of mutants and superheroes and why humans fear the former and praise the latter.

They shouldnt cameo random characters in each others films, instead keep their timelines parallel, and have small easter eggs, like news headlines and such...

THE COMING OF GALACTUS could be made for a awesome cross over though, but they dont have to become a new superhero team at the end.

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