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Default Re: The film's continuity with the X-Men franchise

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
The main problem with tying in X-Men with Fantastic Four or the rest of the MCU for that matter is the same problem the comics had for decades. It never made much sense why mutants are persecuted while superheroes are loved by everyone. Certain writers have done a good job of explaining the double standard through reasons such as the mutants being a different race that will replace humanity but that is not the justification used for why people hate mutants most of time. If you read most of the X-Men stories in the comics, it seems that the main reason why people have mutants are simply because they have powers. That is it. This seems to be the main factor to why people hate mutants in the X-Men movies too (with the exception of First Class, where the whole "we are a new race here to replace humanity" was actually a main factor in the bigotry against mutants).

Am I saying that it can't be done well? No. Can it be done well? Yes. Will be be easy? No. It will be hard to fit them into the MCU especially since the MCU films have done such a good job of shoving down the idea that this is one big all-connected movie universe into everyone's throats (a criticism I have of all the solo MCU films other than Iron Man and TIH).

As for connecting just the X-Men franchise with the upcoming FF franchise, I don't see the point of having a universe with just 2 properties especially since these properties are completely unrelated and have almost nothing in common. Even a crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers or Spider-Man would make more sense and feel more natural.
I'm with you Shikamaru. Especially the bolded. I for one love X-Men but think they make little sense in the MU. I also believe the movie franchise is, so far, below average at best. Compared to the MCU and ASM. I don't blame the X-Verse actors or even the directors though. I blame the writing. They are a clusterf*** and their continuity sucks. I can hope that Wolverine and DofP fixes it, but I still have no drive or desire to see them at this point.

I still say keep them separate. Make F4 the first GOOD marvel film series to come from Fox. And then we'll talk.

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