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Default Re: The film's continuity with the X-Men franchise

I've never wanted a connection. They basically have no commonality in themes and tones. The only reason they work in the same world in the comics, is because it has everything else, too.

As for incorporation into the MCU, the Fantastic Four is easy: just have their origin be new. The X-Men. . . are much, much trickier, given you'd think mutants would have gotten *some* mention to date. You either:

1. have them be a new, or at least new-in-numbers, phenomenon ( requires a lot of tricky reconceptualization from the comics )

2. have them be deeply secret until the present ( rather tough to swallow )

3. have their major plots be set in the past ( 60s and 70s ), with the "mutant issue" largely resolved in decades past ( requires a whole lot of fancy retcons to make work )

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