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Default Re: The marketing for this film...

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
A bit hyperbolic. Origins did fairly well in the US, considering how bad it is, and The Wolverine still has almost four months until it's released, with plenty of opportunities to shove adverts down our throats. But, you're right, those adverts need to deliver.
It did not do well at all in the US. It made $20 something million over it's bloated budget. It was just like X3...didn't really do that well US. X1 and X2 made 2x it's budget domestic. Poor First Class was saved by the overseas numbers.

Also, I am not a fan at all of these posters. Wolverine screaming with his mouth open and angry eyebrows has been done 80x over. Lets see some good posters, great trailers, and some tv spots before May is out. They should have had a teaser trailer in December.

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