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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I said they "helped" I didn't say they intended to help, we all know how things would've been grim for ol Clark without military intervention. Yes the military shot as Supes but a bulk of the attention was on the other kryptonians, even divertd their attention from Supes to take on the army. Now it's a fact that military helped Supes more than hurt in that scenario and that is indisputable.

Saying Thor was groggy after being slammed by Hulk left him groggy is making things up, he got right up and dodged those bullets. Then he ran to Loki's prison cell without stumbling or any other sign of being dazed. Thor landed more blows than Hulk landed, blocked his attacks, and dodged most of then. When Hulk manage to land the only punch he hit Thor with it was a snapshot while Thor was trying to reason with him. Point bank Thor looked damn good against Hulk and it was judged as a pro fight Thor would be ahead on the scoreboards. Don'tlet Hulk's little comeback before the jet came cloud your judgement of the entire fight as a whole
I'll give Thor this, he can fight and he can take a punch. Absolutely. But...I'm sorry...he's getting the business handed to him by Superman from MOS. Yes the military helped Superman...actually no. They didn't. All they did was run into the black zero, they had ZERO effect on the Kryptonians.

Thor fought to a standstill against Iron Man in really think Iron Man could stand agains the Man of Steel...not even close. His hammer? Thor came down on Caps shield with it and it just reverberated it back..yes I know the properties of the shield. I promise you, Superman would have broken it.

In the comics, this is a more even match, but let's be the movies..Thor isn't as ruthless, powerful, or 'warrior like' to me. MOS all day.

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