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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Are you serious? Clearly the military helped Superman in his fight against Namek and Faora, I agree that it would've ended similarly to Thor vs Kurse. Also Kurse and Thor's fight was obviously much shorter than Supes vs the kryptonians. I'm sure if they intended for that scene to be longer Thor would've eventually recovered, clearly he didn't have enough time before Loki intervened. Yes you can save Loki saved Thor just like the military saved Supes, but they had no control over those situations so it shouldn't be held against them.

How in the hell was Thor on the defensive against Hulk when he "punched him", "uppercut with Mjolnir", and that "flying knee" before Thor choked him. Hulk didn't slam Thor around like a rag doll, he slammed him.once and threw him wowww big woo, oh and Superman dodged jet fire during the smallville fight so Thor dodging jet fire is a moot point.
Do tell how the military helped Superman? They did nothing but slam into the black zero. During all the fights, the military got laid out. LOL! Superman was saving them left and right..go rewatch the Smallville fight..all they did was provide a temporary distraction at best.

Think about the power Superman displayed. He slammed into Zod and the shockwaves caused building to partially crumble. Thor is strong, but he doesn't have Superman's speed. And that makes a HUGE difference. Power is strength x speed. Would you rather get hit by a powerlifter or a running back? Trust me, you'd rather get hit by the powerlifter.

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