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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by RoryTate View Post
The two movies are in completely different universes and a comparison is basically impossible. An important note though: In MOS, the speed of the Kryptonians isn't as great as many people think it is. In fact, it's definitely way less than the speed of sound, due to the fact that no glass breaks in the Smallville buildings only a few metres away from them when they move at their fastest. Furthermore, there isn't even a concussive wave heard or felt by their movement (all I heard was a punching sound at the end?), and it's clear they aren't teleporting, so they must be moving only at a fast car speed, unless all of the laws of physics are suddenly non-existent (I wouldn't even worry about this normally, but the MOS movie goes to extreme lengths to try and convince the viewer it's being realistic, especially with the casualty toll in the final battle). None of the few people who survived in Smallville or Metropolis had shattered eardrums, IIRC. That level of speed is nothing spectacular, and it wouldn't decide any battle on its own.

By contrast, the MCU doesn't get so caught up in faux realism (thankfully), it just tones down a few of the powers when it needs to, while still making the heroes and villains something to be reckoned with, yet satisfyingly "super" enough to cheer for them. There are some inconsistencies introduced, but I find them relatively easy to stomach.

So which world/universe are the two fighting in? Once Superman...oops, er, Man of Steel is in the MCU, all bets are off. And if Thor is in a DC movie, all bets are off.

In the end, it's all up to the writers, as I understood clearly way back when I saw a rogue Wasp take on all of the Avengers successfully (Hulk included). Whatever the story needs, that is what will happen.

I totally agree on your last point. Depending on who's writing the story determines the winners, which is why Batman has beaten up Superman, and Robin saved his ass once, and then at other times, Supes has kicked the crap out of Darkseid, by himself.

I agree with your points on speed, and physics, sort of

Physics remains intact in MOS. For Superman to reach India and then return to Metropolis in the time he did, he's probably flying over 25,000 kph possibly faster (just on very rough calculations, that's Kansas to India, about 8000 miles, so 12,000 km) . This is significantly faster than the speed of sound. However, he does this in space, where there's no air resistance, and also, Superman creates a sonic boom when he takes off, which is why he tells Lois to stand back "maybe a little more"

This is because objects can break the sound barrier without creating enormous pressure waves or deafening sound.....a loud noise yes, but not necessarily the effects you describe.

check this out:

Doing the maths, given the distances we see the Kryptonians use super speed at, you are correct they probably aren't moving at supersonic speed in Smallville.

E.g to catch the falling pilot, Supes moves about 100m (or yards if you prefer) in about 1 second (consider if you watch in slow-mo, he does a mid-air somersault to neutralize the Pilot's falling momentum).
So, probably about 360 km/h.

or if you discount flying speed, Faora travels at least 20 meters in less than a second (in 3 successive bursts of speed when fighting the soldiers)
this works out to less than super-sonic speed, but is still probably over 300kph.

However, this is still a significant speed advantage. Given that Marvel Thor doesn't display anything like that. (in fact in TDW he has to jog to attack Malekith at the end).

as you say though, it is in the hands of the writers ( Supes has beaten Thor before in comics, but somehow was seriously threatened by Venom, which to my mind is plain dumb). Cheers.

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