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Default Re: The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition Blu-Ray: December 3

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
That's always going to be a problem with every X-Men film. You're working with a team of characters that have upwards of 15-20 members on the regular. There's always going to be one or two characters that get some development but not what some may deem enough.

Either they try and work them in as best as possible and people complain they don't get enough screentime or they have to simply leave them out and people still complain. It's a lose/lose situation for them.

At least Fox says they want to expand the X-universe. If that's truly the case, they could certainly spread some characters out across different team movies that way they aren't all bunched together into one.
Yeah I suppose its true, cant please everyone, just be good if they maybe made a few more solo movies of other characters to flesh them out a bit.

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