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Default Re: Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Part 2

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
That looked great, for the most part. So, Ermac is like a Ninja Zombie. Actually not happy to see video game moves like Kung Lao Teleporting and Liu Kang throwing fireballs. And god... why.... WHY?!
I have to disagree with the powers. To me that's along the lines of the first movie and the first Street Fighter which cheaped out on that aspect in my opinion. Legacy might not be perfect, but it seems to have a much better handle on a property like this. Personally I think Kung Lao's teleportation was one of the highlights of the trailer. I'd even love to see Johnny do his shadow kick and fireballs.

I agree that Sub-zero looks pretty wonky though. He looks pretty cheap, even for a web series. Plus it looks worse next to Scorpion whose suit looks miles better. My hope is Subs is a similar case to Sektor and Cyrax in the Legacy S1 trailer in that the FX is added in later. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll have some ice armour effects that cover up the cheap moto-cross armour.

Though we might just have to accept that is what they can manage on their budget.

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