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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
Disney and Marvel Studios made a colossal mistake by moving Ant-Man from November 6th to July 31st (only two weeks after this film hits).

I think people are going to get burned out on the superhero titles at that point (much like families being overwhelmed with animated pics this summer). I think the buzz surrounding this film will ultimately overshadow Ant-Man, and Disney will end up with egg on their face.

Anyone else care to weigh in?
Disney think that they are providing competition for WB, but they are harming the genre by doing this, not only their movie will earn less, people will also get superhero fatigue.

I mean, general audience will think - Superman Vs Batman followed by Ant-Man ?

Give me another Adam Sandler comedy


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