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Default Re: An Argument For A Batman Who Is At The Peak Of Human Conditioning.

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
It's Zack Snyder. Batman will probably fight beyond the ability of a human being at their peak. I mean that both in a literal and visual sense. It was sort of established to us in the Nolan series but through clunky and at times questionable choreography (that's not a dig at the series because anyone that's been here long enough knows I love the Nolan Batman series to death).

Remember how NiteOwl or Ozymandias fought? Well multiply that times 10 and that's probably the type of stuff Batman will be pulling off.

Snyder will not waste this opportunity to not show OP (over powered) fighting Batman.

I for one am super excited to see this because quite frankly that's an area we've never quite seen Batman in. At least when it comes to live action.
Or Snyder might be to scared and may try to emulate what Nolan did, lol imagine if he did that boy would that suck.

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