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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post

CAP: So, I heard shooting was delayed cuz you had an ankle injury. That´s unfortunate.
TONY: Yes it is. but it wasn´t an ankle injury. That´s the PR, PG-13 version of it. the reality was a lot more NC-17.
CAP: I would ask you what it was, but my WWII memories already give me plenty of nightmares and PTSD episodes.

CAP: "Really? Joe Quesada thinks no acterss in Hollywood can properly play Ms. Marvel?"
TONY: "Pfft, what do you expect from the guy who okayed Carlie Cooper, the character named after his daughter, as Spider-Man's temporary new love interest?"

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

Long Live TCM
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