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Originally Posted by AZ'sWarmRage View Post
Hey guys, long time forum reader. Hope we get the MOS promotion kickstart in March

I recently spent a considerable amount of time laughing my butt off at the 'professional' critics of Cavill and his 'lacking performance' in MOS...despite them saying that everyone loved the film at the screening. So either everyone loved it and easily accepted that he was replaceable, or it just sucked. Which both sound like nonsense considering the grand preparation that has gone into this! The movie will certainly not be entirely carried by Cavill's performance because of the nature of the cast, but I am confident that he will bring the screen presence, visual strength and charisma to the role (even if people still can't take away the beloved image of CR as Supes). That in my opinion makes the screening rumor a bogus one.

Another thing I'm super pumped about is Snyder's straight-out-of-the-comic books style for movie scenes. Expect to see classic storyboards brought to life (I'm thinking of that All-Star Superman Jor-El speech thrown into the narration for the teaser), and epically cool action sequences in a realistic contemporary setting with the shooting they've done. (Cavill's own words).

Also I'm not sure if it's been brought up, but this looks like the kinda action I'm thinking about: (especially 1:29-1:33!)

Good call by you for putting quotations around "professional" when talking about those critics. The best approach is to wait and see. Wait and see what you think of it and/or wait and see what identified critics think of it, because only when there is a name attached can you then decide whether or not their critique is worth regarding.

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