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Originally Posted by KALEL114 View Post
I still can't believe your bad luck with R3.
same here and despite that, it didnt make me think negatively about it. You could really tell Insomniac poured alot into it and I felt it was the best shooter of the year. My first run playthrough was at least relatively well but after I beat it that first time, it all went downhill. I wish I could say maybe it was just me having an older PS3, but Ive never had any issues quite like that with any other game. Still from my initial impressions, I really did prefer R2

Originally Posted by GamerSlyRatchet View Post
Though I'm not really a fan of Resistance (my friend is, though), I gotta say, it takes a lot to actually confirm a game franchise's end face to face. Not to mention end it on a specific point, rather than continue to milk it. So, Insmoniac continues to get my respect.
no one said the franchise is over. All we know is that Insomniac wont be working on it and considering they arent a Sony first party studio, they dont have to. There still could be more games in the future. The next game is coming onto the Vita. For all we know, Sony could end up letting Nihilistic make the next console release. Its a very similar situation with Bungie and Halo. Just bc they said they wouldnt be making anymore Halo games, didnt mean there wouldnt be any as MS just gave it to the next studio.

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