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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

I don't think that X3 is a great movie by any means, but ... To be perfectly honest ... I wasn't really happy with X1 or X2 either (aside from how Nightcrawler was handled- he was perfect). I've always found the X-Men trilogy to be middle-of-the-road movies, the Wolverine movie to be terrible, and First Class to be fantastic.

I wasn't outraged by Cyclops' death in X3 because of how poorly he was established in the first two X-Men movies. All he did was whine at Wolverine and get himself captured in the first two films, so I wasn't shocked at all when he was offed in the third movie. The movie got an annoying character out of the way.

And as for Rogue getting the cure ... Well ... Rogue was never MY Rogue in the movies. All she did was complain about her powers, so wouldn't it make sense for her to get the cure in the last film?

Meh. I'm just rambling I guess. I don't understand the hate towards X3 simply because I don't think the movie had a great setup in the first place, so ... Yeah.

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