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Still.. In todays gaming world if you go longer than a year between games...

Moving to next gen consoles... I think a reboot is a good idea. I'm not saying DO it as I would be fine with R4.. but I don't see Sony putting many numbers in their next gen console games. They didn't with Killzone, They aren't with inFAMOUS.. Heck I don't even see Uncharted 4 being called Uncharted 4.. I'd expect Uncharted: Whatever The Want To Put After It.

I'd expect the same for Resistance.. and while Killzone isn't a full on reboot... It kind of was. Not in that it did away with the past.. just, didn't expect you to really know any of it. With the amount of people new to PlayStation this gen.. I'd expect, at the very least, a different story set in maybe the same world.. A different era...

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