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Default Re: With the Disney-Fox merger is Thor 4 doomed?

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
Waititi revitalized Thor in a major way but I left the film wanting more. I didn't feel like this was a conclusive end to Thor's arc but rather a pathway somewhere else. So many things were not resolved for me that were established in the earlier films. Thor's relationship with Jane, Sif and the Warriors Three all deserve better resolution.

Beyond this there are so many amazing characters in the Thor mythos that are yet to be seen: Beta Ray Bill, Amora, Mangog, Karnilla, the High Evolutionary and the other pantheons - Olympia, the Eternals, Set et al. Surely this can't be the last Thor!

Meanwhile Waititi has floated the idea that he would happily return to direct what he's playfully called Ragnarok 2. With the financial success of Ragnarok (and the fact that every Thor film has grossed more than the last) it seemed like a reasonable possibility.

But now that the X-Men and FF are back (as happy as I am with that news) does that mean characters like Thor get put on the backburner?

IM3 came out 4.5 years ago and made $1.2bn WW. There's been no sign of an IM4.

IF a Thor4 was being considered, it wouldn't have happened for 4 or 5 years anyway, so I don't think X-Men/F4 coming back has had much effect.

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